Kitchen Lights….

Funny thing about old Irish houses is that:

  1. They are not to careful with isolation.
  2. They really don’t care much about economic light bulbs.

So, again, when we moved to this house one more thing needed to be changed.

When we looked at the kitchen ceiling and the hallway, we counted 14 halogen 220V light bulbs, yes 14!!! Now if we do some math we can see that 14x60W=840W, which means that every time we were cooking or just having a snack in the kitchen we would be consuming 480W. Looking at the chart for December 2013:

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 08.41.37We can see that we were spending an average of over 10KW/h a day…

We needed to do something fast, and that solution came from our old good friend, eBay

IMG_0842We bought a pack of 15 LED lights (60 SMD Warm White 4W High Power LED Light Bulbs). And we went from 14x60W to 14x4W, now, trust us, this really makes a difference on the electric bill. We have a monitoring solution based on Arduino monitoring our house electric consumption and here is some examples:

Note: When we were measuring these values other things at the house were connected also, this is just to give an idea:


The hall lights ON with Halogen Bulbs

IMG_0839 After we replaced them with the LED ones…


The Kitchen with the Halogen Bulbs…

IMG_0841After we replaced the Kitchen with LED ones…

Now, at first sight it may not see much, but look when we look at the daily chart:

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 08.53.40Yes, we went from always above the 10KW/h a day to only some days getting closer to it. Now there’s obviously some days that we pass the 10KW/h day mark but if we look at the previous chart it was normal to reach the 15KW/h day mark and on this chart since we changed the bulbs on the January the 2nd it never happened again. coincidence? Maybe, but I’m pretty sure that the small investment made a difference… 😉

And the final result:

photo 1

The Kitchen…

photo 2

The Hallway…

You can’t even notice the difference from the previous bulbs….

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